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A mutation that causes the individual to be spade or neutered at birth. This disease is caused by fecal matter being lodged into the vagina during hard core anal ramming. :Hence the name Brammer.
Friend#1 How many kids do you want?
Friend#2 I cant.
Friend#1 Oh, sorry
Friend#2 I got Brammer.
Friend#1 Oh, I'm sorry
by TrevStahl May 05, 2011
The act of taking viagra and violently jerking off to gay porn in a circle of guys.
Friend #1 Dude what happened last night?
Friend #2 Hung out with some friends.
Friend#1 Dude you didn't do it.
Friend#2 Yea, we pulled a Malachi
Friend#1 You are a Fag.
by TrevStahl May 05, 2011

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