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1. (adj.) Term used to describe someone who has achieved a high enough level of respect to be able to trump other people without validation.
2. (verb) To use one's clout or power of reputation in order to deny an alternative viewpoint, without any consideration.
3. (verb, past tense) To have one's ideas or opinions shit upon by a person of superior reputation, regardless of the validity.
1. (adj.) "Just tell Dan that's how we want it done, and he will make sure that's how they will do it, no one would question him, he's Bigtime."

2. (verb)"Frankly, I don't give a damn if they say no, I'll Bigtime them, they have to do what I want."

3. (verb, past tense) "Pez didn't even listen to a word Joe just said, he totally Bigtimed him."
by TresStud October 04, 2007
An unusually strong desire to become friends with someone, associated with particularly strong feelings of admiration towards that person. Usually pertaining to a member of the same gender. The term is identical to a "crush", but without absolutely no sexual attraction. Similar to a man-crush, but without ANY homosexual implication.
"Look at the way chicks hang all over Kevin. I need to be friends with him because he's so awesome. I think I have a frush on him.
by TresStud October 04, 2007

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