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A surfer is someone that surfs for the pure enjoyment of the sport / lifestyle.. not to get into a "popular" clique at school or for any reason other than what I said.

A surfer IS:

- someone who surfs SOLELY because it is fun
- someone that doesn't care about their social image, if surfing affects it for better or for worse.
- someone who is honest about their ability.
- someone that always has plenty of aloha
- doesn't hang out with the other "surfers" - the other "surfers" are posers.
- anyone that can stand up on a board while riding a wave- even if it is just whitewash. it still is riding a wave.

A surfer is NOT:

- someone who always brags about how good they are, or always talks about it.
- someone who always wears the newest clothes from Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, etc..
- someone who calls beginner surfers "kooks".. or just uses the word kook.
- a stoner.
- a punk
- someone who always has "something to do" when you ask them to go surfing.

Me: Those surfer posers at that "cool kid" hang out look pathetic.
Friend: Yeah, all the true surfers don't hang there. They just be themselves and hang out with their true friends; like you.
Me: Mhmm.
Friend: All the good surfers hang out there with all the hot girls, why don't you hang out there.
Me: All the good and true surfers don't hang out there. Those surfers are posers; ones that surf or pretend to surf just to be "cool". They're losers.
Friend: OH.. never knew that.
by Trent from Hawai'i December 17, 2009

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