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2 definitions by Trent Schoneweis

1. Things that a person adds to his car to make it stand out (usually shiny). From wheels to subs to spoilers.

2. A fancy car itself. Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Lambos etc.
1. “Look at all of the automo-bling on Johnny’s car. Like $4000 rims make a Kia nice.”

2. “Did you see Fiddy’s new automo-bling? He got the new 2010 Rolls before it even hit the production line!”
by Trent Schoneweis February 21, 2008
8 1
the end result of tummy sticks
Due to excessive body hair, gummy tummy was the bane of Jer-Bear's alternate lifestyle.
by Trent Schoneweis March 03, 2009
4 6