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Just another word for "cool."

Went from fantastic to rocktastic to nastytastic to awesometastic before finally settling on "tastictastic."
Guy: Dude, I just rented Hitch and watched it. It was so good!

Me: Yeah man, that film is tastictastic for real!
by Trent Dackmin August 17, 2005
A combination between sketchy and skeptical (obvi, i know)
Hey man... is it just me or are the people in this neighborhood totally sketchical?
by Trent Dackmin July 14, 2005
refers to when your life is chaotic

for sensical purposes, it's best followed up with "my life's been flipped turned upside down"
hey man you wanna come see that new hilary duff flick with us?

sorry dude.. i'm sort of will smithed right now.
by Trent Dackmin July 14, 2005
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