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4 definitions by Trennalised

The act of being rejected by a boy/girl, for someone less appealing then yourself.
Man Emilie got Trennalised bad last night when that guy picked Trenny over her.
by Trennalised January 11, 2008
A shortened version of Whatever. Used mostly by lazy boys who find it neccesary to shorten every word in the english language.
Im the best at soccer.

Wat e , im the best.
by Trennalised January 11, 2008
A time of the month where femals are unable to participate in any sexual intercourse other then anal due to their menstruatral cycle.
We had anal last night as it was my Skewsey Time Of The Month.
by Trennalised January 11, 2008
a boy who has a vag.
man jonny has such a little doodle.

he has a vag,
by trennalised March 02, 2008