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When you go into a bathroom stall to take a shit and someone else enters the restroom and sits in the stall next to you, and you are both waiting for the other to wipe their ass and leave so they can shit in private but you haven't gone yet so you fucking sit there quietly and wait for one to leave or just shit and have them listen to it. The choice is yours.
I couldn't hold my bowels any longer so I ran to the bathroom and let it explode allover the toilet, gave a big sigh and farted a bunch. I then realized my boss was in the stall next to me and I got real quiet and we had a sit-off until he got up, wiped his ass and left mumbling something under his breath, I let the rest of my shit out and shook the remaining piss out of my dick.
by TrenchRaider1918 February 15, 2008

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