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when your very happy about something.

someone tells you your football team have just scored.

get the fuck in
by Tren December 03, 2006
basically means ur not fucking around
fuckin hell have u drank that whole bottle of vodka?

yeh im not playing any games
by Tren September 28, 2004
an unbeatable way of claiming something
can only be used singulary, u cant just say tabs on everything.
"tabs on that vodka"

if that happens the vodka now belongs to the person that tabssed it, and theres nothing u can do about it, sorry
by Tren September 28, 2004
when you have drugs on slate, just like having them on tick, or strengh, when u have them and pay for them at a later date.
sort us an 8th on the slate
by Tren September 28, 2004

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