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A term used in MMORPGs to signify the achievement of a new level of experience of one's character. This term was defined in the smash hit EverQuest, as the sound generated upon gaining a level sounded as a bell.

The concept trickled down to other MMO's as well, but few actually know the true origin of the word.
Me: Ding 60 8)
Other: Gratz. (congratulations)
Other2: w00t gratz.
Other3: Noice gratz.
Me: ty 8)
by Treeshrew September 12, 2005
The act of bludgeoning someone in the face, with a large mallet or stick. The bludgeoning implement is of little importance, so long as it is large and hefty. Do not question the definition and usage of hefty. If you do, you are ignorant. It is the ultimate act of degradation. If one is face bludgeoned, and they survive the bludgeoning, they must immediately kill themselves, unless it is possible for them to redeem themselves by return face-bludgeoning the face bludgeoner.
2. I face bludgeoned an ignorant bastard today. He died instantly.
by Treeshrew November 18, 2004
1. Usually in FPS games: the process of being Pwnt (Owned, destroyed, ravaged, mauled) In The Face, With A Pinecone.

Note: the "Pinecone" usually refers to something other than a pinecone. However, pinecones are encouraged for usage of pwning itf.
1. AAAAHAHAHAHAH o NOES! PWNT ITF WAP. Fuxxing llama-n00b
by Treeshrew November 22, 2004
1. To pwn one in the face with a hoce.
H.O.C.E.= Hammer of Corrupted Enchantments, a mighty hammer wielded by the great and powerful EverQuest monk Cakraak Cakraak.
1. I Hoce pwnt that n00b ITF!!!
by Treeshrew November 21, 2004
1. A general, all-purpose term for one who is excessively stupid or one who is unsuited to exist as a human being. Insult to be used only by those of extreme greatness*.

*If you have to look up this word, you are probably not included in this elite.
1. That's ignorant.
2. You're ignorant.
3. Why do you have to be so ignorant?
4. You're an ignorant biggot. You bastard.
5. Ignorant. (after someone makes an ignorant statement -- followed by a face bludgeoning**)
by Treeshrew November 18, 2004

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