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An inability to edit, control, and communicate content or ideas effectively via texting. Individual will often send a flurry of text messages with random occurrence and use either inappropriate language or images to convey meaningless information. People suffering from Tourrext are also incapable of summing up information in succinct or short text messages. An exchange will usually begins with an unprovoked text. In almost every occurrence, this information is either completely useless or overly explained.
Texting thread:
Dude 1: "Just dropped the biggest turd"
Dude 2: What?
Dude 1: "Here's a picture of it"
Dude 1: "Here's a picture of me eating the turd"
Dude 2: "You've got a bad case of tourrext and turd eating. Get some help.
by Tree-knee July 27, 2010

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