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A way of describing someone as ignorant. Like saying one is not the brightest crayon in the box; One taco short of a Grande Meal; Not the brightest bulb in the socket; Dumber than a box of hair; etc...
What the fuck was I thinkin tellin the cop he was a fat pig AlphaDouche?? Man, I'm as sharp as marbles...
by TreDubDizzle August 03, 2009
a case of diarrhea so terrible it feels like the shit is rocketing out of your body and you are urinating out of your asshole
My co-worker had a case of rocketing butt pee over the weekend.
by TreDubDizzle August 25, 2009
another slang term for pussy
My boyfriend said he wants to get into my hot cock pot
by TreDubDizzle March 27, 2009

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