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Jukkin or Jukkin!, is short for "Jukkin Company". It came from the word which is a noun called "juke box". The juke box point of origin is 1915–20; juke( joint )+ box 1. It's a coin-operated phonograph, typically in a gaudy, illuminated cabinet, having a variety of records that can be selected by a push of the button. Now in more modern times, the word jukkin + company = 1, is the worlds number one online dot-com business brand. Jukkin Company is known for it's jukkin energy drinks, jukkin clothing brand and the major jukkin record label. Jukkin Company is a major corp-website store and it is known to focus on providing high-quality products, services and customer satisfaction worldwide.
Keep it jukkin!
by Tre Loyd February 03, 2009

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