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Used to express shock, excitement and uncontrollable emotion.
"Oh my days, that's shocking! As if he farted!"
by Travvo April 20, 2009
Exclamation used as an attempt at calming an apparently agitated, restless, anxious and generally worked up peer, who may or may not be having a disruptive influence those in his immediate surroundings.
PH: "The live server's gone down, the entire business is disrupted!"

JC: "Calm ya passion, calm ya passion!"
by Travvo April 22, 2009
Jacking off to avoid or delay doing something more productive.
Trav - Hey man have you finished that maths assignment due in the morning?

Paul - Nah, been chronically procrasturbating. I'll get around to it soon.

*Next day*

Paul - I procrasturbated all night. Can I copy yours?
by travvo May 13, 2014
Expression evoking smooth operation, smooth talking, and generally smooth behaviour. An individual considered a "suave minge" can proclaim themselves a "smooth operator". The "minge" suffix is used as an extension of the term, resulting in such an individual as ranking higher in terms of suaveness than somebody who is merely "suave". Can also be used to refer to ideas and concepts that are classed as suaver than suave.
"I'm off to get a pizza, get myself a mighty meaty extra large!"

"Man, that is so suave minge!"
by Travvo April 22, 2009
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