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2 definitions by Travix

Someone, man or woman, who is from a non-English speaking country in Europe and has an accent when speaking English that is perceived as attractive by an American.

Or, something about the way they look that is distinctively European which an American finds attractive.
"Oh my god, I love his Eurohot accent, I can't even listen to what he's saying."

"That girl had the most Eurohot body! No American chick looks like that!"

"He had the Eurohottest haircut! I've never seen anything so cute. Like, my stupid ex's hair could never do that hot little flip."
by Travix April 23, 2008
A bitch as it is used in reference unflatteringly to a woman, but one who is particularly mean and unreasonable towards a given situation, usually in argument against a male.

Also, referencing having gone crazy, as in having "cracked" while simultaneously being a bitch.
If only she wasn't such a cracked bitch about me borrowing her car!

The cracked bitch tried to actually kill my dog just for pissing on her lawn!
by Travix April 23, 2008