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verb. int.
Pronunciation Key (up-raaj)
To raise ones own "power level", in some kind of vague, ill-defined manner which seems to involve shivering and auras and big hair. Usually done after "training" for what seems like bloody weeks, on a floating island or some shit, or in a spacecraft of unlikely shape. Or while dead. Or all of the above. Oh, to hell with it. Heck knows.
See also: Super-Saiyan, Saiyan.
After Ash's defeat at the hands of Team Rocket, Ash went into training with his secret mentor.

After this training, Ash finds himself again in combat, on the losing end again. Ash pauses to take stock of the situation and reflects on secret Pokemon skills taught to him. Realising what he needs to do, Ash behins to uprage, his hair standing on end, a look of fury on his face, as he yells, "Pikachu, I choose YOU!!" with foam flying from his mouth.
#super-saiyan #saiyan #enrage #upgrade #anger
by Travis Smith April 17, 2006
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