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3 definitions by Travis Rashawn Ford

A character from King of The Hill who owns Strickland Propane.
Hank Hill: "I sell propane and propane accessories"

Buck Strickland: " Screw you, you native Texan..."

Customer: " Gimme your grill before I dust your ass!"
by Travis Rashawn Ford September 22, 2006
A 1999 low-budget Gangsta Film directed by Albert Pyun, a crazy preacher (Snoop Dogg) who would go after a local crime gangbangers led by (Fat Joe & Big Pun) for the murder of his family and the burning of his church.
Urban Menace kicks ass.
by Travis Rashawn Ford September 15, 2006
(n) In professional wrestling, a "good" guy.

Batistia Turned face after powerbombing Triple H through the table on Monday Night Raw.

by Travis Rashawn Ford September 16, 2006