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6 definitions by Travis Johnson

The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.
I have arachibutyraphobia.
by Travis Johnson June 20, 2003
23 8
a shot consisting half of jager and half of kahula.
Hey bartender give me a poop smoothie!
by Travis Johnson May 30, 2005
13 6
1. A chunk of fecal matter.
2. Anyone who is being mean.
3. You.
You are a dookie chunk.
by Travis Johnson June 19, 2003
6 4
an adjective denoting something, someone, or somewhere as as very in vogue or cool.
Hey man, that sweater-vest is funkarific
by Travis Johnson September 11, 2003
2 1
1. giving a stellar perfomance
2. getting ridiculously drunk
Dude, i have the worst hangover this morning, i got so noggled last night.
by Travis Johnson May 30, 2005
1 1
A God trapped in a mans body. That God happened to be Buddah, but the best fucking flowing rapper ever.
Biggie Smalls Rest In Peace.
by Travis Johnson June 20, 2003
87 103