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1) To French Kiss.

Usually used in Dublin or other parts of Ireland

See make out
Ughh! I can't believe you met Aaron!
by Travis Bickle September 06, 2003
1) A small child who attempt to act as if he is a wordgangster

2) A poor person.

3) A petty criminal.

4) One who dresses in shell suits, baseball caps at 45 degree angles and usually has a bad complexion. Usually inhabits Dublin or other part of Ireland. Speaks in a strange high pitched accent with undue emphasis on the "eh" of words. Usually drinks vodka and cheap beer.

See also: wordknacker
Ah! Those drunken scangers are going to steal our phones! Run.
by Travis Bickle September 05, 2003
Traditional Irish alcoholic drink made from potatoes. Like vodka only stronger. Up to 190 proof.
I only had a shot of poteen but I was fucked the rest of the night.
by Travis Bickle September 06, 2003
Pre-pubescent child who listens to nu-metal and nu-punk, wears generic baggy jeans w/ Skateboard company/ Blink 182/ "Anarchy" hoody.

Does not realise he/she is following a trend like any skanger or townie.

Often thinks they are a punk because their mom bought them some spikes from a coporate chain.
I like to make fun at the mini-rockers in town 'til they cry and their mothers yell at me.
by Travis Bickle September 16, 2003
Short for Heineken
Pass us a Heino, lets go to Wezley!
by Travis Bickle September 07, 2003
Monkey- Corruption of money
You got any monkey
by Travis Bickle May 12, 2004

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