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1 definition by TravelingGulliver

A town in Taylor county Kentucky.
A small town which appears larger because it's next to an even smaller town.
A town in which most people are poor but nearby land is so cheap that they feel rich. This, coupled with conservative values and a separatist mentality causes the majority of citizens to be completely unsympathetic towards problems anywhere else in the world.

A place where compassion, intelligence and creativity are discouraged and punished, thus proliferating an exodus of innovation and a cycle of ignorance.
For every Greensburg there is a Campbellsville.

We gotta drive 20 min to Campbellsville because they're the nearest town with a Wal*Mart.

We drove through the most awful town the other day, it was called Campbellsville; everyone there was pregnant, smoking, and wouldn't stop staring at us!
by TravelingGulliver January 02, 2012