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39 definitions by Traveling Bob

blond stupid looking dreadlocks.
look at that stupid white boy with blond dreads.
by traveling bob August 15, 2006
22 104
Another ripoff of Faith No More.
Boy Serj Tankian of System of a Down sounds like a stupid version of Mike Patton.
by Traveling Bob August 10, 2006
49 143
Ripoffs of exhorder.
Pantera ripped off the New Orleans band Exhorder.
by Traveling Bob July 30, 2006
71 198
Ethiopic/Berber peoples from North Africa.
Blonde, blue eyed Sicilian women were fucked by the Moors, who were niggers, and made the race black haired and dark skinned.
by Traveling Bob July 29, 2006
70 233