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a devilish person who rises up from hell and sucks the life out of your friends
My friend's girlfriend is a total suckubus and now he's a lame piece of shit.
by Trampy Tina October 24, 2006
someone who is a fatass and steals other people's food (especially a hamburger or cheeseburger) because he or she is too fat and/or lazy to make or buy their own god damn food.

and when you ask this person if they stole your food, they have that guilty look on their face as they pretend to ignore you. WAY TO MAKE IT OBVIOUS!
Fuck you Sandy, you fucking hamburglar.
by Trampy Tina October 24, 2006
little russian female whores with bug eyes that use males for their money and dont really love them.
they are only in the relationship for security, gifts, and sex.
sometimes the russian even wishes the male that "purchased" her is someone else and tries to change him into who she wants him to be.
Dude! I found this hot russian mail order bride looking girl, shes so hot! She even picks out my clothes for me and makes me buy her things. She must love me!
by Trampy Tina October 24, 2006

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