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3 definitions by Trajork

The only drug it's socially acceptable to be completely addicted to.
"Don't do drugs, kids" said the teacher as she sipped on her extra-large coffee, consuming 200 mg of caffeine in the process.
by Trajork September 15, 2009
180 28
adj. Describes an alcoholic beverage that serves to keep one's level of intoxication roughly constant.
A couple of hours after getting buzzed, Fred decided that another beer would be isoalcoholic, and without one he would swiftly descend back into sobriety.
by Trajork November 08, 2009
3 0
A use for the mentally retarded.
Sarah Palin's son may one day grow up to be a greeter at an Anchorage area Wal-Mart. This would be his Trig function.
by Trajork December 06, 2009
1 2