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2 definitions by Tracyauto

A female that is so masculine that her lady parts have become dormant and useless. Non-Vagina.
'If you don't get out of those sweats and football jersey, Alice, and go do something with yourself; you will never get laid again and therefore you will become an Ungina. At least put some make-up on to cover up those side burns.
by Tracyauto September 03, 2008
A person that, during sex, feels the need to explain to you everything, action, and detail that he or she is doing at that moment or going to do next.
Dirk- " After if slide my cock into your wet puss im gonna lick your titties at the same time with great excitement and aggression." Tina - " Just shut your fucking face and lets just fucking fuck. No play by play lay please."
by Tracyauto September 04, 2008