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An individual who participates in Track and Field who excels beyond others in upper body lifting activities.
Bob: "Yo see that track kid over there"
Ron: "Yeah hes tiny"
Bob: "Nah look at how much hes lifting, hes trackjacked"
by TrackieS#1 January 26, 2011
Similar to Seniority in concept, Speediority is the superiority of one due to their ability to run extremely fast. The fastest person has the highest amount of Speediority.
Nick: "Yo I wanna time the race, I got seniority."
Steve: "Nope, I get to time, I have Speediority."
James: "Steve is faster, he gets to time."
by TrackieS#1 April 13, 2011
A Caucasian individual who dresses similar to an African American from the ghetto who walks with a stanky (weak) swag.
Bob: "Yo check out the new kid"
Ron: "Yeah hes such a Stanky Wangster"
by TrackieS#1 January 27, 2011
The thing that does not exist. Canada is a failure, indescribably horrible. The place you want to go when you die so you freeze and your body is preserved forever because it is so cold. When one thinks of Canadian Power they fail, bad luck surrounds them and they lose their freedom.
Bob: "Yo what do you think about Canada"
Ron: "They aint nothing, got no Canadian Power"
by TrackieS#1 January 31, 2011
An individual who will suddenly, mid-conversation stop responding to you via text. Or, an individual who has reckless emotional swings through text message.
Jamie: "Hey Steve did you talk to Chelsea last night.
Steve: "Yeah dude shes such a Bipolar Texter"
Jamie: "Yep, she does that to everyone"
by TrackieS#1 February 03, 2011

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