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a new war tactic. not quite guerrila warfare but close. consists of british soldiers ringing dominos pizza. two rIRA men will come disguised as dominos pizza delivery men. they will turn up in a 3 wheel van and ring the doorbell, hence the ding dong. normal vocabulary used before the "bang bang" occurance is "the british soldiers wont fall for this". the second IRA gunman will respond "yes they will, EVERYONE LOVES PIZZA". when the soldiers answer the door, the IRA men will shoot them down. a passer by will normally come onto the scene and say "ah they should have tried 4 star pizza"
did you hear about the IRA men that used the new ding dong bang bang tactic....terrible ted terrible!
by Toxication March 13, 2009
meath is one of the 32 countys in ireland. it is in the provence of leinster. it was once a provence itself when it was joined with westmeath. it is surrounded by leinster countys westmath, louth, offaly, kildare, dublin, monaghan and cavan (the latter two being in ulster). its capital is navan although it was formally trim. trim is still sitting place of the circuit court. the high king of ireland used to sit in tara. in recent years it has had a huge growth expansion, particularly in the south-east of the county.

GAA is the most popular sport in the county. football is a lot stronger than hurling. the football team has won 7 all-irelands placing it 4th in the roll-of-honour, behind galway and ahead of cork. the other main sport is national hunt horse racing. meath is home to irelands main racecourse: fairyhouse racecourse, home of the irish grand national. it is situated in ratoath.

meath is also home to brú na bóinne which is a world heritage site. it is is one of the largest and most important prehistoric megalithic sites in europe.

meath also has the only two gaeltacht area's in leinster: ráth cairn and báile ghib.
meath is one of ireland's 32 countys
by Toxication January 09, 2009
a VILLAGE in county meath in ireland. a lot of people from neighbouring county dublin have moved in and basically ruined it. they refer to it as a town but its a village. used to be a baron called "ratoath" aswell which also included places like ashbourne and dunshaughlin. in GAA football terms it is in the shawdow of neighbouring villages. it has irelands main racecourse "fairyhouse racecourse". rathbeggan is also part of ratoath and anybody from ratoath or dunshaughlin reading this the vortex (nightclub) is in ratoath, not dunshaughlin as its in rathbeggan. estimated population is currently around 9,000. its part of MEATH and NOT greater dublin. ratoath is MEATH AND PROUD. go home all you dubs
Ratoath is Irelands greatest village, not town but village
by Toxication January 08, 2009
a townland/village in county meath. part of dunboyne parish but more closely associated with ratoath. once had a great GAA football team winning 5 senior meath championships. were generally considered one of the best teams in leinster around the time, late 60's/early 70's. the village basically consists of a primary school, pub, GAA pitch and church
kilbride is in county meath
by Toxication January 08, 2009
the second city of ireland behind dublin and capital of ulster (an irish provence consisting of 9 countys). located in antrim (one of the none countys).
belfast is irelands second city
by toxication January 07, 2009
belfast is the second city of ireland behind dublin. it is the capital of ulster which consists of 9 countys. located in antrim and parts of down. it is a divided city. the main division is seen as the west and east. the west is mainly home to the native irish catholics who want to see 6 north-eastern counties of ireland finally free from illigal british occupation. the east is mainly home to protestants who want to see oppression continue in 6 countys of ireland

its main sport is GAA. its football team is quite poor but it has a very good hurling team which would be behind the powers of hurling like cork, kilkenny, tipperary, galway standard wise.

football is very popular aswell. its national team is ireland which is run by the FAI. it was once home to belfast celtic (probably the best team in ireland while it was around). donegal celtic are seen as the continuation and have a lot of support in the west. there are a lot of sectarian teams located in the east
belfast is in antrim which is one of ireland's countys
by Toxication January 09, 2009

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