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3 definitions by Towneh

The familiar sound made by a Chocobo. various forms of the "wark" are used in different situations and depending on the mood of the Chocobo!
"(^)> *wark!* *wark!*

"(@)> "im pilled up, yo."
by Towneh April 29, 2003
95 21
The name of a certain blonde spiky kungfu masta!
"towneh! mariokart, gogogogo!
by Towneh April 29, 2003
4 2
A large bird-like creature that is used mainly for riding or in other situations, racing for example.

A chocobo can vary in different colours too, from the common yellow to the rarer green or blue types.

A chocobo is known to make sounds such as " wark " or " kweh ".

There is a legend that a golden chocobo exists, though this is yet to be proven...
by Towneh April 29, 2003
18 124