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Niall Horan is the most thoughtful, honest, and well rounded person. Us directioners adore him. He went on to the x-factor and was charming and sang answering machine by Neyo. Niall like all the of our boys was eliminated from the x-factor and when he cried we can all agree that it broke our hearts to see him sad becaues hes such a happy person, but he was put into one direction and that was the greatest day of my life. Niall tweets a lot to keep us up to date. he very much cares for his fans always telling us he loves us and were amazing. He also is so handsome and he has the greatest laugh you'll ever hear. Hes Irish and we love him when he plays the guitar talks about food (Nandos)/ eats and when he stars that little song in the first video diary in the second set of video diaries. Directioners know what i mean. hes an amazing human being and we love him with all our hearts.
The fans all ways tell me how beautiful i am but no one will ever be as beautiful as them~Niall Horan

Im the type of guy who could fall in love with any girl, becues i love with my heart not with my eyes~ Niall Horan
by Tower prep July 17, 2012
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