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Common term for an explicitly anti-homosexual person. Oftentimes, a self-loathing person confused and frustrated with his latent homosexuality who needs constant reassurance that he's straight. Too dumb to realize that being gay doesn't mean having to be a promiscuous clone of Bobby Trendy who makes annual summer pilgrimages to Fire Island. In these cases, said individual will continue to gay-bash until the second before he comes out of the closet.

Examples: Alex Watson, BS, the UD Terrorist(s), Bumkicker Slade, Jeff Gannon, Roy Cohn, Arthur Finkelstein, Axl Rose, etc.
George Carlin said it best when he described the scenario in which a repressed drunkard out with his buddies says, "I love you guys."

Followed by: "But that doesn't mean I'm queer."

Followed by: "In fact, I HATE queers!"

Ending with: "You know what, let's go out and KILL some queers!"
by Touch me and you die, BS May 22, 2005

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