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The magical, mystical basis for Subway's business. It's a pre-slabbed "meat"nage trois of flavorless, slightly off-color turkey meat product. Supposedly kosher*. (*I am not a rabbi).
Dave: cold cut combo with no ham, please.
Girl: ummm, all the meat comes together.
Dave: can you just take the ham off then?
Girl: ummm, we can't tell which one is the ham.
Dave: ummm ...
by TotoMMB December 22, 2011
When a guy wears jeans that are too tight and you can see the outline of his package in pretty good detail.
I didn't realize it at the time, but once I saw the holiday pictures, I was embarrassed to see my dad's denim basket.
by TotoMMB January 06, 2011
Derived from the combination of the words "whiskey" and "Listerine" (not the liquids). When someone has super potent alcohol on their breath. They don't need to speak for one to smell it, but when they do, the stench is amplified. Usually the culprit is trying to mask or cover the smell while at work, in church, at a family function, or any other normally dry event. Use of the word is good for any part of the day, but especially applicable between 6 am and noon.
Patty: "Hey, I wonder what time the guy started drinking? It's ten in the morning."

Josh: "Don't know, but he definitely rinsed with whiskerine."
by TotoMMB January 20, 2011

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