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To slap someone across the face while having a hand covered in semen. When a man climaxes using his own hand and then slaps his mate with the semen covered hand, Or actually ejaculate in to your cupped hand to get all of the fluid possible and then slap the other person with that hand.
Yea I pulled out jack myself off and then I godsmacked the bitch across the face, there was cum every where in her hair in her eyes it was hot
#godsmacked #god smack #hand facial #hand to face #cum slap #jizz slap
by Tothmacher May 18, 2006
A sexual term to give some one a facial with out them expecting it. To walk up to a unexpecting person and ejaculate all over there face without warning or any prior sexual contact. Its called this because you "Just Do IT" you cant ask for permission you just do it.
My girlfriend was looking real hot just sittin on the couch watchin TV it made me so hard that I whipped it out and started beating it without her even noticing and then right when I was gonna blow I ran over and gave her a nike all over her face and she even liked it she cleaned me of with her tongue it was amazing!!
#masterbation #orgasm #jerk off #jizz #facial #semen #cum dumpster
by Tothmacher July 10, 2006
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