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A male stripper hired to expose his cock and masturbate in front of a woman before ejaculating for her.
Sitting on a high stool at the bar, her short skirt riding up, she watched with amusement as the Wankagram approached, his erect cock sticking out of his pants. As she leaned forward in anticipation, the guy kept wanking hard and fast until he shot his sticky load into the empty wineglass she was teasing him with. It was all over in less than 3 minutes.
by TossBoy April 21, 2009
To masturbate and then ejaculate
The female audience at a CFNM party expects the male stripper to pull it off which the guy does by whacking off, jerking off, or jacking off completely naked, usually with no shirt and his pants at half-mast.
by TossBoy March 17, 2009

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