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mcdonald's new slogan. actually, according to maddox, who brought us the best page in the universe, defines it as an anagram. If you get rid of contractions, the letters in 'I am loving it' can be rearranged to form the truth 'ailing vomit'
oh oh, i'm lovin it, ohhhhhhh...
by Torquatus November 30, 2004
1.a work of classic roman literature by virgil. It tells the story of aeneas, who cries every chance he gets, and his adventures escaping troy and founding the city that will eventually become rome.
2. propaganda from emperor augustus subtly placed in the book
3. a book that is hard as hell to translate
4. the bane of latin 4
Hitler decided not to burn the aeneid so teenagers could suffer with it in school
by Torquatus November 30, 2004
the concentration of hydrogen in a solution
It's clearly obvious that H was 1.23 M, not 8.4 M!
by Torquatus November 30, 2004
taking a dump after every class period
"See you guys, I gotta go drop a Kopy!"
by Torquatus November 30, 2004
Intelligence that comes naturally without having to work hard to maintain said intelligence.
You can be intelligent, but not necessarily have book smart.
by Torquatus December 02, 2004

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