30 definitions by Toronto Raptors

An ancient club where egipcians used to party and have fun.
Egiptian #1: Where are we going tonite?
Egiptian #2: Were going to the pyramids baby!
by Toronto Raptors January 24, 2008
A bad attitude, a temper, specially for kkids with bad manners.
My son got kratos when he realize I wouldnt buy him God of War.
by Toronto Raptors January 24, 2008
Stands for Straight Outta New York. This is a gang an user just made to look cool on urbandiccionary.
Sony is a great company, not a gang. But some lifeless niggas might steal this name anyway to make their gangs sound modern.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
When you fuck an ugly bitch then come in her pussy, so then, later, you realize the condom has broken.
Nigger: This bitch is ugly, but Ima fuck the living hell outta her anyway.
Bitch: ohhh yeahhh, yeahhhh... coming together
Nigger:... yaeaahh... yeahh... yes.. shockeduh? WTF?!
by Toronto Raptors January 30, 2008
A funny person. Being stupid on purpose.
My girl isnt cheating on me with another nigga... its the same nigga.
you stupid
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
A woman with a man's morality.
Shes a nympho, I fucked her yestarday after dinner... then we slept together and I had to fuck her again after breakfast.
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
A bitches everybody is able to put their hands on and she doesnt really care.
Person 1: That bitch is a keyboard, a grabbed her ass and she didnt say shit.
Person 2: Damn, really? wait a minute, a check out her back space.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
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