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Toronto is world famous for trying too hard to become New York City. Toronto tries and tries to imitate New York while New Yorkers laugh at the sad attempt. The street of Toronto are riddled with drug infested prostitutes and is know to be Aids capital of Canada. Because of Toronto's inferiority complex and insecurities, they had to add a rod on top of the CN tower to make up for what they lack.

Toronto is also famous for their jealousy of the city of Vancouver B.C. Their insecurities and jealousy stem from the fact that Torontonian women look like trannies and have huge dicks, Torontonian men have pencil dicks and have incestuous desires.

The world knows and have voted Vancouver as the Best city in Canada multiple times while they vote Toronto as a underachieving city of retarded monkey's.

Toronto is home of the Toronto Maple Laughs, an ECHL hockey team.

Get over it Torontonians, your city will never come close to Vancouver or Montreal so stop crying and self promoting. Your insecurities are what makes Toronto the most gay friendly city in Canada, women don't like insecure boys.
by Toronto Pussies October 10, 2009

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