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28 definitions by Tori

random site that helps n00bs be scene, and not get pwned by those who are 1337.
n00b 1: hey, what's the definition of lezzer?
n00b 2: i don't know...let's look it up on urbandictionary.com
1337: you guys are niggy pies I'm totally gonna w00tpwn you.
by Tori April 24, 2005
a term us valley gurls use to explain something nasty or really gross
grody mr rogers in a spedo
Like ew grody he just ate dirt
Omg that is so grody I think Im ganna die
by Tori July 06, 2004
acting and/or dressing like a skank (see skank)
"she is so skanky! just look at what she's wearing!"
by Tori June 21, 2003
Choch is the fat on the back of a human, above the butt also known as love handles.
Don't punch me in the choch
by Tori November 11, 2004
Best Friend For Life No Matter What Happens Until Death Do Us Part Love You Like A Sister
by tori June 17, 2004
when the female gets eatin out
I gave the outski...the girls cooch stank
by tori March 31, 2005
Oxycodone is a very strong narcotic pain reliever. It is meant to be taken in pill form not broken, eaten, or crushed. After You Get Syrgery You May Be Prescribed

Taking it in crushed form can result in a drug overdose.
"After My Syrgery I Was prescribed oxycodone"
by Tori February 16, 2004