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Kage bunshin no jutsu is a shadow replication technique from the anime series Naruto. "Shadow" has little to do with shadows themselves, but rather refer to a type of jutsus known as shadow jutsus, or kage jutsus if you will. Whereas a normal replication technique would create a near perfect copy of the one performing the teqhnique, the shadow replication is far superior in that it can create a vast number of replications while not using proportionally more chakra.
kage bunshin no jutsu is naruto's worst -and- best fighting move. He always hated the replication techniques at school because he was so bad at them, but then again kage bunshin no jutsu is so powerful that it enables him to easily create a horde of replications rather easily.
by Tor Haugan February 26, 2004
Chakra is Naruto's (anime series) answer to other roleplaying games' or shows' mana. The theory states that chakra is an energy that is created within the human body and released through tiny holes in your skin known as chakra holes that enables you to apply near-magic techniques into fighting, such as boosting your kicks and punches, improving movement speed, agility, and even manipulate the environments to create wind, energy thrusts, walk on vertical surfaces etc etc etc...
Naruto has an exceptionally high chakra production within his body in addition to being able to draw extra -special- chakra from a fox demon sealed within his body to perform special moves and fighting techniques.
by Tor Haugan February 26, 2004
A combination between sexy no jutsu and kage bunshin no jutsu which enables Naruto to first transform himself into a sexy female, and then create a high number of replications of himself, therefore the name harem no jutsu. See also kage bunshin no jutsu
The coolest jutsu in the entire show.
by Tor Haugan February 26, 2004
A jutsu performed by Naruto Uzumagi in the anime series Naruto. It consists of him transofrming himself into a sexy female to distract the enemy or, in some episodes, to get what he wants. See also harem no jutsu.
The second funniest jutsu in the entire show after harem no jutsu
by Tor Haugan February 26, 2004

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