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verb To lose the interest and understanding of others by using words they consider "too big" or "hard" or by writing things they consider "too long". Oversmarting urbandictionary.com editors is frighteningly easy. To avoid oversmarting editors, or other groups with limited education levels and short attention spans, do not use the best word to describe your idea, but rather use the word that is closest to what you mean that is also most likely for the average 12 year old to understand. As an example, "symptoms should manifest", but if you want to be understood by an average urbandictionary editor, you better write "the things that show something is wrong with you will show up".
Rachel's submission of dingphobia was rejected by urbandictionary.com, likely because she accidentally oversmarted the editors by using words like manifest and anxiety, instead of easier words like begin and fear. She's going to resubmit with simpler words and see what happens.
by Topper 7770 July 11, 2011
The phenomenon that occurs when a powerful descriptive word becomes popular and then loses its power though repetition and incorrect use. The word awesome was once reserved for sights like the Niagara Falls and accomplishments like climbing Mt. Everest, but now it can be appropriately used to describe a really good sandwich. Word deflation ultimately requires using or inventing an even more powerful descriptive word to gain the previous effect of the now deflated word. A car crash must be horrific if taking a really long time to find a parking spot is horrible.
I knew the word epic had suffered major word deflation when Kaylen used it to describe the results of his last trip to the bathroom.
by Topper 7770 July 02, 2011
noun, verb The extreme anger felt by some elevator riders when another rider chooses to take the elevator up one floor as opposed to taking the stairs. People that are habitually late or dislike fat people are more likely to experience elevator rage. Elevator rage rarely escalates to violence, but is the cause of much eye-rolling, loud sighing, and pointed watch checking.
Kat can no longer control her elevator rage, she even gets pissed when the guy on crutches rides the elvator from 13 to 14. Joe was elevatoring raging the whole way up to our sales appointment.
by Topper 7770 July 04, 2011
Dingphobia is when someone is afraid of getting a door ding on there car. A lot of people whom get new cars get dingphobia and it doesn't go away until you get youre 1st door ding, or maybe a scratch. And then you don't care anymore and the dingphobia goes away. You know you have dingphobia if you park way far away from everyone else so youre car stays nice, especialy if its crowded.
My friend Marty has dingphobia bad, and when we came out of the frozen yogurt store he had a huge scratch down his car door. Epic fail!
by Topper 7770 July 11, 2011
A subspecies of the common douche. The racer douche is always male and generally falls in the age range of 16-24, but can be older. Like the common douche, the racer douche can be readily identified by his love of graphic t shirts and white plastic frame sun glasses. Additionally, the racer douche believes he is a driver of exceptional capability and spends the bulk of his discretionary income buying after-market kits to increase the horsepower of his Honda Civic. The racer douche sees himself as popular with women, despite rarely having a girlfriend or wife, and spending most of his free time talking to his “bros” about the sweet rims he’s saving up for. The racer douche seldom reads anything other than car magazines and unironically loves the Fast and Furious movie franchise.
Matt’s love of his Miata is getting out of hand, he just spent $1000 dollars on used rims, do you suppose he’s turning into a racer douche?
by Topper 7770 July 02, 2011
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