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A fucking wasteland excuse of a country that prides itself on so called "conservation" and "saving the world"

And they honor these morals by raping and pillaging ALL the good acres of land for poorly built fucking expensive houses in which only Asian bastards and American cunts can buy only to turn into rentals where the fee's are unfair and high.

But this won't stop Australians pride themselves on valuing the economy and tourism and destroying precious forests to build more houses for people that don't live here, not to mention the center is a desert and the best parts to live are around the coast where all the forest is, so if the forest is in the way of $ forest gotta go!

Australia is just as full of cocksucking bullshit, braindead shitheaded faggots and Australians equivelant of rednecks (see RSL club members) that ignore all flaws and pride Australia for what it Once was, now its an overdeveloped shithole with a diminishing wildlife population.
I am Australian and it was once a country i loved, and its being destroyed for profits sake.
by Topfragger November 03, 2008

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