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A nigga who thinks he is pimp but is really just a gay nigga.
Ryan: Yo Nigga I got me some sweet pink shoes and shirts fo cheap, its pimp
Clarke: Nigga whats wrong wit you?
Ryan: Wut?
Clarke: Your a fuckin' homothug nigga
by TopSmoker June 10, 2005
One of the worst rappers to hit this earth. He brags about being shot and get famous for it. He plays songs like Candy Shop and shakes his ass on the TV Screen, do you know any "Thugs" doing that. If you buy his album then you should just go kill yourself.
Black Man1: Yo nigga I got 50;s new CD!!!
Black man2: 50 Cent is gay, you just wasted yo god damn money.
by TopSmoker June 12, 2005
Usually known as a dumb filthy black person who is poor.
Look at him sittin' on the bench. What a nigger.
by TopSmoker June 10, 2005

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