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(Pronounced: o no you dit-ten) A colloquial expression of incredulity, voiced upon witnessing another's action or statement, or hearing of it from the actor firsthand.
"Step off, bitch," said Tyrone. "Oh no you didn't!" exclaimed Shanequa.
by TopSecret September 26, 2007
(prison slang, combination of toothbrush and razor)

1. n. A scalpel-like prison weapon consisting of a razor blade (usually obtained by stomping on a disposable razor while the guard isn't looking), which is then embedded in the handle end of a toothbrush.

2. v. To employ the aforementioned implement against another human being.
1. Shanequa took her trazor and slashed that bitch upside her neck.

2. "You best step off before I trazor your ass, bitch," said Shanequa.
by TopSecret September 26, 2007
(Pronounced: Nah-furreal-doe) A contracted form of "Nah, for real though," this phrase is the proper response to "oh no you didn't."

See "Oh no you didn't!"
"Oh no you didn't," exclaimed Latronda. "Nahfurrealdoe," responded Tyrone.
by TopSecret October 16, 2007
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