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2 definitions by TopGunOriginal

A condition that occurs when running for so long/far that the women and/or men around you seem to be much more attractive then they actually are, most likely the result of dehydration, exhaustion, etc...
Two guys running:
Guy A: Dude, check out that hottie looking at us.
Guy B: You must got some major runner's goggles on, because that chick is fugly
by TopGunOriginal May 27, 2009
-Verb. Jargon based on the behavior of the characters in the movie Top Gun, to pwn in a form that is unquestionably awesome, which leads to doubtless trust of your skills from your peers. In simpler terms, to make an object/person your bitch.

-Noun. One who topguns.
Guy1: Dude, i totally topgunned that test. I made that test my bitch.

Guy2: Shit, im definitely copying you next time. You are topgun, man.


Guy1: I topgunned her ass last night.
Guy2: No wonder shes walking like broken down whore.
by TopGunOriginal May 04, 2009