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In Dublinese, to achieve a state of inebriation that renders one frivolous, silly and dangerously prone to saying things like, 'I love you man' and 'You're me besht mate, seriously; whaddaya fuckin' laffin' at? Ye prick. I never liked you anyway...'
Jaysus, I had 15 rum and blacks, I was bleedin' fluthered.
by TopDecco May 11, 2005
As coined by the characters Max and Paddy in 'Phoenix Nights'. An exclamation of satisfaction or after a point well made.
'Did ye empty yer bags then?'
'Oh aye, she were right gaggin' forrit. Ding dang doo.'
by TopDecco May 11, 2005
Although in the south of Ireland it means to be utterly fluthered, in Dublin to be 'in the horrors' means being in a shockingly bad mood.
Micko was in the horrors this morning. Not surprising, I rode his mott last night.
by TopDecco May 11, 2005

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