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I have come to notice a serious spread of BitchAssNess throughout the local area, corrupting the mental wellbeing of many people. It is undeniable. If you are going to tell yourself the spread of BitchAssNess is not a problem, you are wrong and most likely infected by BitchAssNess. It is infecting people everywhere; your teachers, friends, family, and other peers. Although I am referring to the local area, BitchAssNess is infecting on a much larger scale, our country is being affected by this epidemic to an extreme; our country is full of hating bitchasses.

Of course many cease to come to this obvious realization, but it is indeed there and at large. You may think BitchAssNess is not contagious, but it is. If you are surrounded by haters, you will hate too. If you are surrounded by bitchasses you will slowly become a bitchass. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of BitchAssNess, you must simply not fall for the hating ways of the bitchasses. I am sorry, but if you are already a victim of BitchAssNess there is only one way to cure yourself; stop being a bitchass and be real.
That kid is such a bitchass. Yeah, he has got a case of the bitchassness.
by Top broski October 22, 2010
A 'bro' that you drink brewskis with.
Hey broski, you wanna drink some brewskis later?
by Top broski June 23, 2010

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