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{also: himesh}

Classified information: A weapon of the Indian Secret Services. It is a creature created for mass torture,is proved to be more effective than Hitler's concentration camps.

It is actually a hairy monster who looks like a baboon. It can be seen wearing a cap at all times, regardless of whether it is required or not. He pretends to sing, but actually the sound effects are because he has something stuck down his throat, so he has to use his nasal passage to create noise.
abey ghonchu, tu Himesh Reshammiya ki tareh torture mat maaar sabko !

you look uglier than himesh!
by Top Secret ! September 22, 2007
Sasta: Poor quality joke.

The Sasta King : The King of Sastas.

def: a person who cracks the dumbest jokes one cant possibly think of. They can range from being very pathetic, pathetic, ok-ok types, or good or even hilarious!
Sahil: What did the apple say when the fat man was about to eat it?
Everyone: ermm... :S
Sahil: Nothing, apples can't speak!!!
Everyone: UGHHHHHHHH! All hail His Royal Highness The Sasta King ...Sahil !
by Top Secret ! September 22, 2007

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