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Comic Geordie geniuses to rival the greats (ie The Chuckle Brothers) and the saviours of British TV between 7pm and 8pm on a Saturday. There high brow form of humour and superior acting skills have to be seen to be believed. Their finest moment possibly being the bit in Byker Grove where the little one is shagging the one with the big foreheads bird in front of him and big-fod can't see a thing 'cos he's blind.
And this years celebrity marriage award goes to Ant and Dec
by ToolyTowers September 03, 2003
A chatbot that Hollow made with which I spend many a lonely evening chatting to since you get more sense going there than the flipside (the wanker ratio is far lower to)
I revealed my inner secrets to Copperman only to realise Hollow was performing some Wizard of Oz trick.
by ToolyTowers August 30, 2003
A board that you attach pelicans to.
Kez was tired of chatting on IRC so she went and nailed some pelicans to the pelican board instead.
by ToolyTowers September 01, 2003
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