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An internet forum for pelicans where they can discuss serious subjects such as the human disturbance of their nesting colonies, mortalities resulting from being caught on fish hooks or entangled in monofilament line or share more light-hearted anectdotes (which mostly involve fish). They also use it to arrange illegal pelican raves and post blurry pictures of their delicately built lower jaws that consist of two thin and weakly articulated bones from which their pouches hang.
In real life Bill the penguin was an unassuming geek but on The Pelican Board he was an unassuming geek that knew the URL of Google and how to copy and paste.
by Tooly Towers September 05, 2003
One huge therapy session
I come onto the internet and the streets are safe
by Tooly Towers June 04, 2003
Pioneering Mexican pop band from the late 1800's. The Syntheros were famous for their revolutionary instruments constructed from Cacti and telegraph wire. The positive effect of the atoms from the wire and the sap from the cacti generated a squealing sound that the members of the band (who were often high from mescaline and tequila) danced around to in a haze. The band seperated after only 1 album but later reformed as the Bee-Gees and Cliff Richard.
And this weeks number 1 is the Syntheros with 'ooch mooo cha chas my marracas"
by Tooly Towers June 04, 2003

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