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Used to describe a (rarely seen) sexy, red-haired, freckled, pasty ginger.
Gabe: Yuck! She's got a nasty case of gingervitus.

Kari: You're such a gingerphobe - I think she's gingerlicious.
by Toodles Punch April 25, 2010
A very nasty pirate face used in case of excessive pillaging and/or plundering moods.
Matey: Aye cap'n here be ye booty.

Captain Crunch: ARR >P
by Toodles Punch April 25, 2010
(Pronounced Fumb-Buffle)

Acronym for the phrase: Fuck my brother's best friends' life. also, used in place of FML because it sounds funnier.
Kari: "My little brother is yelling at kids on xbox live through his mic."

Gabe: "ORLY?"

Kari: "Yes, and his best friend just got called a queermunch kamakazi douchemuffin by a ten year old. FMBBFL."

Gabe: "Yes, FYBBFL"

*ticklish laughter*
by Toodles Punch April 19, 2010
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