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Dionymal names are those that have two uses, most commonly occurring when first names can be last names and vice-versa.

Kelly: "Hey, my name's Kelly George. What's yours?"

Tim: "Eh, Im Tim. Wow, you've got a dionymal name!"

Kelly: "Uh, what does that mean Tim?"

Tim: "Well, it means your first name can be a last name, and your last name can be a first name. Dionymal"

Kelly: "Wow Tim, you're a loser"

Tim: "Whatever slut, get a dictionary"
by TooMuchTV November 16, 2009
To flick in a circle. A 'Flircle' is when a person manages to complete an entire loop of all available television channels by flicking rapidly through the circuit in succession. This is most often done when the person is not that concerned about finding something interesting to watch, but rather is bored or attempting to ignore another person.

Simon: "Jesus, there's nothing on tv!"

Nikki: "How would you know? You're changing stations after 4 seconds"

Simon: "Yeah, I guess I am. I've done two whole flircles already. I was just getting bored listening to you telling me about your day, I guess I just started pressing buttons"


(A door slams)

Simon: "Nikki? Bitch?"
by TooMuchTV November 16, 2009
A vaginal skin tag.
I put my hand down her pants and found a pink tag.
by TooMuchTv January 05, 2014

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