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A footwilly is a very rare condition in which a penis actually grows on the sufferer's foot.

A very rare affliction but, one that brings with it new comedic and sexual values.
Ollie had such an advanced case of footwilly he found it hard to find shoes to accommodate his deformity. Though smaller shoes was not such a horrendous affliction as it stimulated him sexually though chaffing was the main course for concern as on the footwilly growth there were many boils and cysts caused by excessive rubbing.
by Tonyman October 29, 2007
A dog that is hormonally confused and is dependent on inserting its erect canine penis into the anus of another dog or human.
Luke was sexually inactive for many years until he bought a bummerdog from his local pet store and has proceeded in engaging the animal in its anal activities.
by Tonyman October 29, 2007

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