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N (plurale tantum). Men's shoes or boots with very pointed toes, such as were popular with male delinquents in the 60s, such as Chelsea boots, Beatle boots, or lesser known makes with even pointier toes. Synonym: fenceclimbers; cockroach killers. Etymology: All three terms refer to humble uses for pointy toes--picking your nose, climbing chain link fences, killing cockroaches taking refuge in a corner. Usage note: In many areas, the term was embellished with group or ethnic names or slurs.
I've been looking for years for a pair of nosepickers at vintage shops but so far I haven't found anything like the ones the guys had in the back of the bus in NYC when I was a kid.
by Tony1953 April 01, 2010
An apparently pleasant stranger from whom one slowly discovers one cannot politely disengage; a hanger-on.
Oh my god don't EVER talk to Jake's dad, he's a TOTAL heen.
by Tony1953 November 15, 2006

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